Here at Marzolf X Kennel we believe in quality not quantity so 
We only take a limited number of dogs. This allows them to focus on each individual dog to bring out the fullest of their natural ability and potential. We train all breeds for a variety of tasks; upland hunting, waterfowl hunting, and obedience. We encourage testing in the American Kennel Club(AKC) and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association(NAVHDA) and can help you get your dog ready, as well as handle them for you in their tests.

 We take pride in our work and have trained, handled and passed Navhda Versatile Champions and AKC Master Hunters. Additional fees associated with your dogs monthly training may include costs for birds, any veterinary care needed, entry fees for testing and travel costs. We also offer one on one instruction with gun dog owners to assist them in their training of their own dog. This type of training is set up in advance with you for one on one instruction to match your dogs needs. Because we take a limited amount of dogs in for training at a time, our client dogs are important to us and are busy daily conditioning and training to meet their owners goals.

Levels of Training
Natural Ability (Started Pup)  
Basic Obedience Commands
Tracking Live Game
Preparation and testing for NAVHDA NA

Advanced Obedience including whoa, heel, come and round
E-Collar Conditioning
Steadiness to wing, shot and fall
Trained Retrieve
Duck hunting scenarios including Remain by Blind & Duck Searches
Preparation and testing for NAVHDA Utility

Finished Gun Dog (Versatile Champion/AKC Master Hunter
Blind Retrieves
Double Marked Retrieves
Honor by Retrieve
​ Preparation and testing for NAVHDA Versatile Champion Test and AKC Master Hunter Test 


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