Private Lessons

Personal one-on-one training sessions with you, your dog and Misty.  Sometimes a bit of training without distraction is just what you need to teach a new skill or modify a particular behavior.

Whether your dog needs to learn to walk nicely on a leash, come when called and how to behave around other dogs and people or you are simply having problems with your four legged companion a private lesson may be the answer.

A preseason field tune up for the older dog can be accomplished with these sessions as well or just simply getting that pup started off on the right foot with birds and gunfire.

Private Lessons are $25 a session​​   ​​

Obedience Classes

Group obedience classes are offered during the warmer months.  Come have some fun with your dog and your friends or other dog minded people while learning all the basics of obedience training and socialization.
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